Promotion of Fingerprints
25 Dec 2007

Documentary TV series "FINGERPRINTS - 15 Years Later" was publicly presented in the Media Center Sarajevo on Wednesday, 19 December.

Documentary TV series „FINGERPRINTS - 15 years later“ investigates life in the communities with war time heritage. Each of the 24 episodes is dedicated to one town in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Each episode consists of a feature story about life now, 15 years after the war, and an informative package which brings an overview of court verdicts and facts established before the domestic and international courts. The last, 25th episode brings the highlights of the reactions of citizens to the public screenings of the series in their communities.

Documentary TV series „FINGERPRINTS - 15 years later“ won the Erasmus Euromedia award as the project which promotes European values. The award is given by the ESEC / European Society for Education and Communication in Vienna.

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